fighterance replied to your post “Kaede and Bianca are all too clumsy around each other. The sounds of…”

or one of them running into a wall, or both.

That would probably happen ngl

I’m bored. Someone talk to me.

There are these two flies who have been buzzing around my room for the last two days and it’s getting to be really annoying.

Yeaaaaah, I’m going to finally get up off my butt and make my milkshake

bro you alright? XD

I’m perfectly fine, I’m just a really bored sharp bunny.

Misty and Marlton do one of two things when in the corn field; play Marco Polo or make fake crop circles to freak Stuhlinger out.

Nikolai keeps telling himself that he murdered his first wife on purpose.

Richtofen’s personal harem consists of a zombie’s arm, a vial of blood, that poor Mexican’s spleen, and one of Dempsey’s original kidneys.

Maria and Ricardo are those two friends who always have “are you fucking serious” faces whenever their allies do romantic interactions.

Dempsey, you horny fool. Can’t you see the woman of your dreams in front of you? Oh wait, there’s a crowd of zombies in your way.